MAY 2022

MAY 2022

Our technical office undertook the investigation of the cargo capacity’s increase of M/V “GEORGIOS ALEXIOS” with simultaneous decrease of permanent water ballast, which the vessel might carry by dint of existing calculations. The said vessel is a cargo vessel of 132,20 m length over all intended for bulk cargo or containers built 1998 in SHIPYARD BODEWES VOLHARDING B.V. (Netherlands).

With the use of specialized and dedicated software and with the experience in matters of the kind, which the executives of our office have, we succeeded, with minimal construction interventions on the ship, to reduce the weight of the obligatorily transported permanent water ballast by 51%. This reduction of the permanent water ballast increased by the same weight, the potentially transported cargo.

All ships of this type are obliged to follow the requirements of the regulations of the International Convention SOLAS 1974 as amended on their subdivision. According to these regulations, the required subdivision index and the attained subdivision index of the ship are calculated and compared with each other taking into account for all possible cases the probability of compartments’ flooding in combination with the probability of survival of the ship following compartments’ flooding.

The whole study (drawings and calculations) are approved by the Indian Register of Shipping, under which the said vessel is classed.

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