Ship design & construction (New constructions & conversions)

1.1 – Initial Design
1.2 – Basic Design
1.3 – Structural Design
1.4 – Mechanical Design
1.5 – Electrical Design
1.6 – Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) 

1.1 Initial Design

Conceptual and outline design of the project
Search, development and customization of new project
Selection and investigation of project’s dimension for the achievement of the best solution
Compilation of technical specification manual for all type of vessels or specific works aboard
Outline design for estimation of main particulars, displacement, power, weights, stability and cost of the new-building
Expected cost and time duration of project’s works
Review and assessment of proposed project’s utility

1.2 Basic Design

Development of preliminary design
Search and development of new hull shapes according to our clients’ requirements
General arrangement design development according to owner’s requirements and international regulations
Full and particulars calculations and design of new construction or conversion
Compilation of intact and damage stability booklet according SOLAS, Directive 2009/45/EC as amended and MARPOL requirements
Accurate drawings for damage controls in a ship according to international conventions requirements
Examination of ship’s performance under specific damage conditions and proposals in order to achieve the total compliance of the ship with customer’s and regulations’ requirements
Examination of ship’s stability performance and proposals in order to achieve the total compliance of the ship with customer’s and regulations’ requirements
Analytical calculation of ship’s weights and their distribution throughout the whole ship’s length
Whole procedure of inclining experiment execution and compilation of the relative stability manual

1.3 Structural Design

Development of constructional design
Calculations of weight distribution, bending moments and shear forces for vessel’s total structural or local strength
Design of a particular construction or of the whole vessel’s structure according to structural calculation

1.4 Mechanical Design

Prediction and analytical calculations of the vessel’s resistance and optimum engine selection with our specialized naval software
Propeller optimization and selection of engine’s reduction gear
Cost efficient and functional management of the energy of the vessel, so as to secure its long-term economic benefit and environment protection also
Calculations and study, development and design of the vessel’s machinery plants
Calculations and study, development, analytical design and adaption to the international regulations of all piping systems of the vessel
Calculations, study and design of the best arrangement inside the engine room so as to succeed a completely functional area with full exploitation

1.5 Electrical Design

Determination, analysis and distribution development of total electrical load
Installation of a new or replacement of existing electrical power plant, analysis of vessel’s new electrical power requirements, adaption of switchboards, cables etc.
Accurate drawings of all switchboards including specifications of their equipment
Calculation of all electric loads in different sailing conditions
Analytical one-line diagrams for vessels’ electrical installation and all main/secondary switchboards

1.6 Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC)

HVAC calculation by the use of specific software and air ducts design development according to calculations
Analytical one line diagrams for HVAC vessel’s system
Air distribution (ventilation – exhaust) calculations and drawings for areas of greater fire risk according to international conventions
1.6 Αερισμός, Θέρμανση, Κλιματισμός

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