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APK Co. Ltd aims always to improve continuously the quality of the services it offers to its customers, but also to develop the design of new technology ships. Within our company’s goals, in the first days of August 2022, we made an important professional move. In particular, we signed an agreement with the French company […]

MAY 2022

Our technical office undertook the investigation of the cargo capacity’s increase of M/V “GEORGIOS ALEXIOS” with simultaneous decrease of permanent water ballast, which the vessel might carry by dint of existing calculations. The said vessel is a cargo vessel of 132,20 m length over all intended for bulk cargo or containers built 1998 in SHIPYARD […]

MARCH 2022

Our company has been audited by Bureau Veritas Certification Holding SAS – UK Branch regarding the Management System and found to be in accordance with the requirements of the Management System Standards ISO 9001:2015. It is very important for our company the implementation of a management system in order to ensure and maintain the quality […]


After discussions we decided that we should create a research and development (R & D) department in our company, in order to study the development of some issues, to improve as far as possible the footprint of the ship’s operation both in the general financial data of the shipping company and in the environment. We […]


In our company we decided to set in motion the procedure of our webpage redesign. The reasons of this decision are that our webpage must be more contemporary, easier on its handling, more operational and friendly, while at the end must be fleshed out with new data and services. Our new webpage must give a […]

RINA Certification

JULY 2018

Certification according to ISO 9001:2015 Since yesterday, july 18th 2018, our company is certified by international organization RINA and IQNET for the quality of drawings, calculations, designs and all services provided, which respond to the requirements of the new quality system ISO 9001:2015. Our main target is the assurance that we provide continuously to our […]

Κατασκευή νέου πηδαλίου Φ/Γ-Ο/Γ «ΤΑΛΩΣ»_32


New rudder construction for RO-RO “TALOS” Our technical office signed a contract for the design, the management and supervision of the construction of a new rudder with its stock for the Ro-Ro “TALOS”. The ship had lost her rudder with the lower two third of the rudder stock due to a cutting through diameter, while […]



Conversion of Ro-Ro/Pax “DIONYSIOS SOLOMOS” Our technical office has signed contract with A.N.M.E.Z. S.A. regarding the project of the conversion (design, supervision and planning) of Ro-Ro/Pax “DIONYSIOS SOLOMOS”. The principal part of this conversion regards the modification of her bow’s shape, the implementation of Stockholm Agreement for a significant wave height 2,50 meters and the […]

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