Safety Matters

4.1 – Ship’s Safety 

4.2 – International Conventions’ Implementation

4.1 Ship’s Safety

Application of international conventions’ regulations regarding fire protection and safety on board
Design of a particular construction or of the whole vessel’s structural protection according to international conventions
Examination and determination of the appropriate arrangement for safe ship abandon
Analysis of the passengers’ flow during safe ship abandon according to international conventions requirements
Accurate drawings for life saving and fire safety plans according to international conventions requirements

4.2 International Conventions’ Implementation

Preparation of Safety Management System’s Booklets according I.S.M. Code and monitoring of system’s implementation
i.e., Training manual for life saving appliances, Training manual for firefighting equipment etc.
i.e., S.O.P.E.P. Booklet, Garbage management Booklet etc.
Implementation of M.L.C. on constructional field for crew accommodation (i.e., cabin area, air conditioning, equipment etc.)

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