5th of February 2019 – Ro-Ro “NEARCHOS”

Ολοκλήρωση επισκευής Φ/Γ-Ο/Γ “ΝΕΑΡΧΟΣ”_1

“NEARCHOS” is finally travelling again and it happened very quickly. And the “finally” goes that end well-all good. However, until we reached this end it took considerable effort, always bearing in mind that we must avoid reaching a moment where it would undo this effort.

This effort could be frustrated if there was some hidden damage as a result of the accident, which would be too costly to repair. This excessive cost could not only cancel the project, the attempt to reactivate the ship, but also cause additional financial damage to the shipowner and irreparably expose those who would make the decision to start the work, namely our technical office.

So, before starting the project, it had to be established that the boat was not warped in all planes, in simple words, that the keel was not “taken”. Another finding that had to be made was whether the main engine mounts had been tampered with, which would mean that the engines would have moved out of position. And finally, it would have to be established that the alignment of the ship’s axial systems had not been seriously disturbed.

So that’s why, before we started repairing the ship, we said that “we will try to make it sail again”. So that’s why the task was not easy. That is why one should not jump to conclusions on matters about which one does not have at least basic knowledge. The main person responsible for making the right decisions is the shipbuilder-technical adviser to the shipowner.

And of course in all of the above, in terms of responsibilities, we have not taken into account the management of the issue in other areas, such as the financial sector, in the area of insurance coverage and in the area of time management.

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