4th of January 2019 – Ro-Ro “NEARCHOS”

Επισκευή Φ/Γ-Ο/Γ “ΝΕΑΡΧΟΣ”_8

The repair of “NEARCHOS”, at least as far as the outer side of the reefs is concerned, is nearing its end and within the next few days it is expected to be back in its element, at sea. There, work will continue by the crews on the interior of the now, in order to complete the repair.

The axle (external) and steering gear inspection has been completed and the ultrasonic inspection of all external reef welds and the pump alignment check is being completed. After the ship has been launched, along with the rest of the work, inspections will continue, mainly of the ship’s axial systems and other machinery.

In the end, the damage from the accident was quite severe and extensive. It took delicate interventions by everyone to get the ship back to its original condition. We all dealt with the situation very seriously but also with great speed. When we say “all” we mean all. This is because the repair of the ship is not only about the work carried out by the crews. An important task is, for example, the planning (and not only of the work) and the management of the whole situation from every point of view (technical, financial, insurance, safety, etc.).

If one decides to examine the role, which the shipbuilder should have in such a case and in the light of the above, one will understand how essential the role of the shipbuilder of a company should be in such a case and in any other case. This is the point of difference, which our technical office is trying to make in the marine market in terms of service provision.


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