Most in the maritime community believe that the basic work of a technical naval office is to produce plans and calculations (booklets). But should it be in reality? And finally, what is the role of a technical naval office today in its cooperation with a shipping company?

Certainly, drawing up plans and calculations can be the product of a technical naval office, such as ours. However, a product is also the provision of technical services, most often of an advisory nature (e.g., the supervision of a project, the determination of a conversion, etc.). the preparation of plans and calculations are an intermediate stage either for improving the capabilities of a ship (e.g., increasing of cargo) or for the operation of the ship (e.g., issuing of seaworthiness certificates) or even for the realization of an investment project and its efficient operation (e.g., construction and operation of a new construction). That is, the plans and calculations are proof of the correctness of the technical advice, which should be given to the shipping company.

Therefore, the final product (visible or hidden) in any case produced by a technical naval office is the provision of technical (consulting) services, for the most efficient and in accordance with applicable legislation, operation of a ship. The plans and calculations, which are prepared, in any case constitute an intermediate product for the provision of the technical service.

This fact makes the role of the technical naval office today pivotal in the development of a shipping company. Essentially, a modern technical naval office should be a part of the development mechanism of the shipping company and indeed one of the most important. But also the technical naval office should assume its position, exercising its role with seriousness and responsibility.

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