21st of December 2018 – RoPax “ANTIFONITIS”

Πρόοδος εργασιών στο Ε/Γ-Ο/Γ “ΑΝΤΙΦΩΝΗΤΗΣ”_1

RoPax “ANTIFONITIS” continues to be built at the “MACEDONIA” shipyards in Thessaloniki, always with the study, design, supervision and management of the construction by our technical office, in spite of specific cycles, which will be referred to when appropriate.

In the meantime, some changes have been made to the ship’s form, always for the better, which will serve to improve and increase its utilisation. These changes are proposals of our technical office, which come from new trends in the category of ships of this type and which make the ship more commercial and more exploitable.

Finally, today the completion of the first series of superstructures of the ship is progressing, while the construction of the second series is about to start.

Basic piping work outside the engine room on the main vessel is progressing rapidly, while we are preparing for the start of other work on both the main vessel and its superstructures, including the installation of the main engines inside the engine room, on their mounts.


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