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Newbuildings / conversions

Newbuildings and conversions of all type of vessels

Plan approval

Plans' examination and cross-checking with classification societies' and international conventions' regulations

Performance predictions

Analysis of a vessel's ability to adapt to specific requirements and/or circumstances

Vessel specification

Compilation of technical specification manual for all type of vessels or specific works aboard

Hull lines

Search and development of new hull shapes according to our clients' requirements

Conceptual design

Search, development and customization of new vessels

Preliminary design

Outline design for estimation of main particulars, displacement, power, weights, stability and cost of the new-building.

Basic design

Development of preliminary design

Contract design

Part of the whole design for contract's purposes

Detail design

Full and particulars calculations and design of new construction or conversion

General arrangement

General arrangement design development according to owner's requirements and international regulations.

Structural calculations

Calculations of weight distribution, bending moments and shear forces for vessel's total structural or local strength

Structural design

Design of a particular construction or of the whole vessel's structure according to structural calculation