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"ANASTASIOS P. KIPOUROPOULOS" TECHNICAL NAVAL Co. Ltd. has served more than 270 projects, among them more than 50 ships’ new constructions and more than 40 conversions. Archives and records of more than 30 years of ship design and activities in the naval architecture and marine engineering area are maintained in our premises as a database, which is in perfect collaboration with the experience in practice and the knowledge of our staff.

We have in our possession the most up-to-date electronic equipment in hardware and software, which allow fast and accurate 2D and 3D design of the vessel (AutoCad 2009), the most detailed and sophisticated calculations of hydrostatic and stability (GHS, Wolfson Unit MTIA), the scientifically reliable power and speed prediction combined with the calculation of the required reduction and the design of the propeller (NavCad 2009) as well as the use of the Method of Finite Elements (FEM). The software is updated on a quarterly basis to be always up to date and contain the latest requirements of the regulations

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