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Conversion's design and supervision of C/P/V “ANDREAS KALVOS”

Our company has signed a new contract with A.N.M.E.Z. S.A. in order to converse its Ro-Ro Pax “ANDREAS KALVOS” Piraeus 10801, so that the vessel complies with the requirements of European Directive 2003/25/EC (Stockholm Agreement).

The conversion of the ship consists of three parts. The first one concerns the increase of the ship’s breadth of the aft part and till the maximum breadth above the main deck. The second concerns the addition of side sponsons from the after end till one third of its length. And finally the third part and the most important concerns the increase of the under deck volume through intervention on its under deck hull, without affecting the speed.

After conversion the vessel will be able to sail as ro-ro pax of Category B (according the European Directive 98/18/CE), as it sails till today, but in sea areas with significant wave height up to 2.50 meters. Also, both the maximum number of passengers transported and the voyage distance restriction will be increased.

The said conversion is very important for our technical office and the reason is that “ANDREAS KALVOS” is the second ro-ro pax vessel of the same ship-owner company (after “ADAMANTIOS KORAIS”) where we proceed to a major character conversion which is of grand importance both for the safe navigation and for the better exploitation of the vessel.

Our effort is our technical office to be proved deserving of A.N.M.E.Z. S.A. trust and to contribute on the right realization of an important investment which will be useful so for the ship repairing industry of Piraeus area as for the greek coastal navigation.


Design and supervision of the construction of a fixed ramp to the upper weather deck of the ro-ro vessel “TALOS”

Our technical office has undertaken the design and the supervision of the construction of a fixed ramp to the upper weather deck of the ro-ro vessel “TALOS” (ex “MYKONOS”) Piraeus 10899, in order trucks with dangerous cargos (i.e. gas oil, liquefied gas etc) to be carried.

The vessel since her construction had a lift for the shipping on the weather deck trucks of maximum 14 m in length and total weight of 30 tones. This lift did not serve the requirements of the new owners and for this reason has be placed the said design to our technical office.

The ramp is a fixed ramp of 45 m total length and it has the adequate inclination, in order the access to the upper deck of the trucks to be easy and safe. The permissible axle weight of the ramp is the same of the upper deck. The watertightness and the securing of the ramp opening on the upper deck are that imposed from the regulations of the Greek laws for the subject.

With the completion and the inspection of the construction works and the survey of the vessel, ro-ro “TALOS” will start the regular itinerary in Aegean Sea region.

The whole new construction and the inspection is under y=the control of I,N.S.B., which will issue the vessel’s full term certificates.

JUNE 2013

Conversion’s design and supervision of “SAONISOS”

JUNE 2013
Our technical office has undertaken the conversion’s design and the supervision of “SAONISOS” Piraeus 12147 in ro-ro passenger vessel Category B.

The vessel “SAONISOS” was built on 1994 by Usuki Shipyard Co. Ltd (yard/hull no. 1627) as ro-ro cargo vessel named “ROKKO EXPRESS” classed initially by LRS and then by NKK.

The vessel has length over all 78 meters, maximum breadth on car deck 12,30 meters, depth (up to car deck) 4,20 meters and the maximum permissible cargo height for the car space is 4,20 meters. It has two main engines of Hanshin Nainenki Kogyo maker of maximum output power 2038 hp at 680 rpm each with reduction gear and controllable pitch propeller. The vessel is equipped with systems and equipment which permit its whole control from the bridge.

Our project for “SAONISOS” concerns the conversion of the vessel in ro-ro pax of Category B (according the European Directive 2009/45/EC, as amended) coastal service up to 30 n.m. between departure and final destination ports, sailing with Greek flag. The whole design and computations include the total adaption of the vessel to the European, International and Greek legislation for both construction and equipment.

The accommodation and the relative equipment will serve approximately 400 passengers. In the available spaces for passengers will be included saloon, reception, external accommodation spaces and WCs for passengers as well accommodation spaces for the crew (which include cabins with and without private WC, recreation room etc).

The drawings and computations, elaborated by our technical office, are approved by RINA (Italian Classification Society) and the MSI (Merchant Ships Inspection General Directorate of Merchant Marine Ministry). Also, conversion works and all vessel’s equipment are supervised and examined by our technical office, while in addition RINA and MSI examine whole vessel in order, after completion of its conversion and equipment, to be classed by RINA and to be supplied with all appropriate certificates by MSI.

In the present time where the problems for the Greek shipbuilding industry and for the Greek coastal shipping are enormous and concern the survival of both branches of our country’s economy, “SAONISOS” conversion consist a significant “breath”.

At the same time, we believe that the said conversion signals the beginning of a new era for the adaption of the passenger coastal ships on today’s business capabilities. Besides, for our technical office this conversion is a very good chance in order to demonstrate our competitiveness in all relative fields.