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MARCH 2016

Conversion of ro-ro pax «MENHIR» (ex «SAFARI») to ro-ro cargo ship with cargo space on the free deck.

Our technical office had proposed and finally took on the design of the conversion of ro-ro pax «MENHIR» (ex «SAFARI») to ro-ro cargo ship with cargo space on the free deck. The aim of this conversion is the transport of dangerous goods with tank trucks and generally of trucks with solid, liquid or gas cargo.

According our knowledge till today, this type of conversion is the first time that be realized in Greece. The biggest part of the superstructures must be taken away from the ship, the rest must be adapted in order the vessel be full utilizable but mainly be capable to respond on the actual safety regulations.

A big part of the existing ceiling of car space will be opened, from midship aftwards. The rest of car space will remain covered by the superstructure, of which the first tier will contain two beds cabins with private wc for twelve drivers, galley with refer spaces and food store-rooms, dining and living rooms for crew and drivers. The second tier will contain one bed crew cabins (for all crew) with private wc and the third tier will contain the wheel house and the officers cabins. All superstructures’ spaces will be air-conditioned.

Aftwards of midship section the breadth of the vessel will be increased to the maximum with relative effect of the under deck part. The electrical and piping installation as well all safety systems will be adapted on the new form and scope of the vessel.

The new profile of the vessel, as appeared till today, is presented on the following drawing, while a photo of the vessel, before conversion, is inset on it.

The whole team of our technical office is working always collectively with the aim that our final product, which is the ship, to be safe for the human being, to respect the environmental and to profit goodwill. These are our targets and the same remain thirty seven years since our timid start.




Design of the positioning of thermal and vision cameras system on four patrol boats and one fast patrol boat of H.C.G.

Our company has signed a new contract with “RAMPHOS DYNAMICS P.C.”, in order to undertake the total design of the positioning of thermal and vision cameras system on four patrol boats and one fast patrol boat of H.C.G.

Our office will calculate and design the necessary mast for cameras’ positioning, on wheel house top, also the foundations of all internal instruments as the electrical installation of all the systems. Finally, we will supervise the carrying out of all the works on boats.

It is the first time that our technical office undertakes a contract related with boats of H.C.G. and indeed of special tall order.

Our effort is our technical office to try and we are sure that finally we carry it off to respond in this field also, as in any other covered case we make it.

JUNE 2015

Completion of convertion of Ro-Ro Pax “ANDREAS KALVOS”

Our company has completed successfully its obligations regarding the conversion of Ro-Ro Pax “ANDREAS KALVOS” Piraeus 10801, according to the contract signed with A.N.M.E.Z. S.A., ship owner of the abovementioned vessel.

The Ro-Ro Pax “ANDREAS KALVOS” not only has been complied with the requirements of European Directive 2003/25/EC (Stockholm Agreement) for mean significant wave height up to 2,50 meters, but also has been increased the number of passengers.

The whole conversion of the ship has been combined with the restructuring both the internal and the external area for the passengers. New crew space has been constructed and the galley has been reconstructed also.

The effective duration of the conversion works was three months, one month of which the ship was in dry dock. This period in dry dock proves that the conversion was very important and very difficult.

During conversion’s design and conversion’s works our technical office has to manage very difficult situations, which were come from unknown and no foreseeable matters. But nonetheless, our technical office has managed all these situations successfully.

In the beginning of our effort one of our targets was that our technical office to be proved deserving of A.N.M.E.Z. S.A. trust and to contribute on the right realization of an important investment which will be useful so for the ship repairing industry of Piraeus area as for the greek coastal navigation.

We believe that finally we succeeded all our targets and between them the aforesaid.