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Completion of Ro-Ro “NEARCHOS”

Our company has completed the basic stage of the conversion of the open type ro-ro vessel “NEARCHOS” successfully and delivered it to the shipowner with all certificates in force for domestic voyages.

The said vessel was constructed with the approval and the supervision of DNV at Aalborg Vaerft Shipyard (Denmark) in order to transport initially trains and passengers between the countries of North Sea area. For this reason her construction was such in order to transfuse the description “ice class”.

Our technical office accomplished to convert and run the vessel, although she was laid up for approximately eight years. On this vessel we have understood firstly the high constructive quality and then the possibilities for her correct utilization.

We took over as technical consultants the complete vessel’s rebuilding, which contained the removal of significant parts and the installation of new, in order the vessel to conform to the requirements of all national and international safety regulations. Simultaneously, the main deck was formed in such way in order to can carry heavy tank and solid cargo trucks and especially heavy trucks of dangerous cargoes.

In first lines is read “Our company has completed the basic stage of the conversion”. It means that it is pending the replacement of the car door and of the lifting hydraulic system, which are expected to be completed during first days of October 2016.

We send our best wishes for good fortune and bon voyage both the company and the vessel of the rest of her life, which is expected to be enough long.

From our side, we feel very proud because we succeeded a target for the first time in greek shipbuilding. And also we succeeded to materialize an idea which was the solution in order to be realized an investment, hitting the target of its low cost.

This project of our company is a characteristic sample of overvalue which we try to offer to our clients through our technical services. And exactly, this is our asset.



ΜΑΥ 2016

Certification of our company

Our company received certificates from RINA and IQNET, which certify that its products are manufactured in compliance with the rules established by the management system conforming to the requirements of ISO 9001:2008.

And when we say “products” we mean the studies, calculations and drawings which, after their production, they are used by several shipyards in order a ship to be constructed or converted.

As needed with the training of all persons participated in our company without exception, the same with its certification, we spare no resources in order to be ensured the quality of our job. This quality is transferred on the tool of our client’s production, which is the ship.

Since many years our company keeps on task of qualitative products’ production and will continue this way.


APRIL 2016


And her new name “NEARCHOS”

The vessel ro-ro pax “MENHIR” (ex «LOBO MARINHO» and «SAFARI»), which conversion in ro-ro cargo (transport of trucks and cargo on open deck) has been taken on by our technical office, was purchased by the shipping company CRETA CARGO LINES II and renamed «NEARCHOS», raising greek flag and being registered in Piraeus Registry with number 12368.

Till today, all works on the ship proceed according our program, having removed the bigger part of the superstructures, having created new accommodations and having started the increase of ship’s breadth. In the same time, all other works (electrical, piping etc) proceed while already the mechanical works in the engine room have been started.

We believe that soon the ship will have her new appearance, which we have designed and we present for the first time on the following drawing.

The ship was constructed at Denmark (shipyard Aalborg Vaerft AS) as ice classed, under the supervision and with the approval of DNV sailing till our days as Ro-Ro Passenger in many places around Europe. Her length over all is 87,20 meters and is equipped with four main engines MAN B&W 2180 bhp at 600 rpm each one, which move two c.p. propellers. Vessel’s conversion will be approved and will be supervised by greek organization INSB. The same organization will issue her final safety certificates.

The attempt is too big and serious. Assessment of any type of risk was demanded to be examined. We think that we have foretold and have covered a good percentage of possible dangerous conditions. Time and final result will prove the correctness and the accuracy of all above.