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New rudder construction for RO-RO "TALOS"

Our technical office signed a contract for the design, the management and supervision of the construction of a new rudder with its stock for the Ro-Ro “TALOS”. The ship had lost her rudder with the lower two third of the rudder stock due to a cutting through diameter, while the new rudder already has been fitted successfully on the stern the quickest possible.

It was a unique experience for all of us the prosecution of the whole job, because the loss of rudder is not an often incident and the same the construction of a new one, especially for a big ship. And in our case when we say “rudder” we mean a spade rudder with one neck bearing of total weight exceeding 10 tones, outer dimensions 4,25x3,25 m and rudder stock diameter 450 mm.

Between the responsibilities of our technical office was the ascertainment of the reason for rudder shaft’s cutting in order preventing actions to be taken or corrective actions to be executed. The procedure, until a conclusion to be defined, has demanded the reading of many texts for incidents of this kind and very careful and continuous observation of remain part of the detached rudder stock.

The whole job comprised, apart from design and calculations, steel works, mechanical works and processing as well the construction of a significant weight and volume poured piece for the support of the rudder blade. The job was of significant interest with considerable details hidden in the construction and processing procedures. The reactions and finding of solutions against these details have created many and difficult concerns, but finally all of us we have gained a unique experience.

The use of this experience is in our hands to be used appropriately regarding as planning as design and constructional matters. We are sure that we don’t permit to be lost what we involved ourselves.

Following some photos of the rudder construction and fitting are presented.


Conversion of Ro-Ro/Pax “DIONYSIOS SOLOMOS”

Our technical office has signed contract with A.N.M.E.Z. S.A. regarding the project of the conversion (design, supervision and planning) of Ro-Ro/Pax “DIONYSIOS SOLOMOS”. The principal part of this conversion regards the modification of her bow’s shape, the implementation of Stockholm Agreement for a significant wave height 2,50 meters and the upgrade of all passengers and crew accommodation spaces.

The whole design (drawings and calculations) will be approved and surveyed by RINA, regarding class items and by Merchant Ship Inspectorate (technical department of Merchant Marine Ministry) regarding safety items which will issue all statutory certificates. Already, all necessary documents are submitted to the responsible organizations and the relative permission for the conversion works on the ship has been issued.

We are very glad and proud because we take part in the noiseless and continuous rising course of A.M.E.Z. S.A. and we contribute in our way on this effort. It is of highest honor for our technical office to be trusted by a company of the importance and seriousness like A.M.E.Z. S.A. for the nth time.

And from our part we try the most possible in order to be worthy of their trust. We will do our best in order the ship, after her conversion, to be corresponded with the requirements of: all regulations first and then of shipping company’s and passengers’ ideas and aspects.

Good start for all of us.


Completion of Ro-Ro “NEARCHOS”

Our company has completed the basic stage of the conversion of the open type ro-ro vessel “NEARCHOS” successfully and delivered it to the shipowner with all certificates in force for domestic voyages.

The said vessel was constructed with the approval and the supervision of DNV at Aalborg Vaerft Shipyard (Denmark) in order to transport initially trains and passengers between the countries of North Sea area. For this reason her construction was such in order to transfuse the description “ice class”.

Our technical office accomplished to convert and run the vessel, although she was laid up for approximately eight years. On this vessel we have understood firstly the high constructive quality and then the possibilities for her correct utilization.

We took over as technical consultants the complete vessel’s rebuilding, which contained the removal of significant parts and the installation of new, in order the vessel to conform to the requirements of all national and international safety regulations. Simultaneously, the main deck was formed in such way in order to can carry heavy tank and solid cargo trucks and especially heavy trucks of dangerous cargoes.

In first lines is read “Our company has completed the basic stage of the conversion”. It means that it is pending the replacement of the car door and of the lifting hydraulic system, which are expected to be completed during first days of October 2016.

We send our best wishes for good fortune and bon voyage both the company and the vessel of the rest of her life, which is expected to be enough long.

From our side, we feel very proud because we succeeded a target for the first time in greek shipbuilding. And also we succeeded to materialize an idea which was the solution in order to be realized an investment, hitting the target of its low cost.

This project of our company is a characteristic sample of overvalue which we try to offer to our clients through our technical services. And exactly, this is our asset.