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Owner's representative

Technical consultancy and representation of our clients where necessary

Ship's assessment

Examination of a ship regarding ship's total condition, certfication and seaworthiness. Value estimation is the immediate consequence

Plan approval

Plans' examination and cross-checking with classification societies' and international conventions' regulations

Structural analysis and audits

Analysis of total or local structural condition, results' presentation and procedure of possible problems' resolution

Motion prediction and stabilization studies

Examination of ship motions for a range of sea spectra and vessel's speed by the use of specialized software

Machinery retro-fit feasibility studies

Compilation of feasibility studies for machinery retro-fit in conjuction with other ship's benefits (e.g speed,economy etc)

Weight verification studies

Analytical calculation of ship's hull weight and center of gravity

Proof of concept studies

Further development and validation of a conseptual design

Inclining experiments and stability books

Whole procedure of inclining experiment execution and compilation of the relative stability manual according to vessel's type and corresponding regulation

Dock and sea trials

Accurate compilation and continuous supervision by specialized personnel of all dock and/or sea trals when required

Tender documentation and assessment

Compilation of technical specification documents (manuals and drawings) for a new building, a conversion or repair works. Assessment of competitors' offers and their capabilities