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"ANASTASIOS P. KIPOUROPOULOS" TECHNICAL NAVAL Co. Ltd offers its services in the field of marine business since 1979. Initially, the company’s activity had to do mostly with the design of a large number of fishing vessels for inland and ocean service. Today, the company is considered to be one of the best and most competitive companies in the field of naval architecture and especially in terms of studying and designing various types of ships such as passenger vessels, Ro-Ro passenger vessels, fishing vessels and tankers.


We, the people of "ANASTASIOS P. KIPOUROPOULOS" TECHNICAL NAVAL Co. Ltd offer to our customers technical advice and services related with ships’ new constructions, conversions and repairs. The company’s horizontal structure allows its easy adaptation to each customer’s requirements. In such way, we have the ability to customize our work in order to adjust exactly to the needs of our customers who may be either ship-owning companies or shipyards. Within our activities are included the study as well as the management of new constructions, conversions or repairs, the on-site supervision of a project, the technical approval of plans and studies on behalf of a ship-owning company, the representation of a ship-owner or a shipyard, the marketing research and the development.


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"ANASTASIOS P. KIPOUROPOULOS" TECHNICAL NAVAL Co. Ltd is a totally independent naval technical office as far as concerning ship-building/repairing companies, shipyards, suppliers, ships’ equipment agents etc. The company’s aim is customer service in the very best and most complete way. We develop long-lasting cooperation with our customers (ship-owning companies, shipyards, commercial agents and suppliers), the authorities and the classification societies in order our projects to be up-to-date to technological developments, as much close as possible to our customers’ requests and according with the regulations requirements.

Our utmost aim is the constant effort in order to keep our company one of the best in the naval business while the same time is getting more and more attractive to new and reliable engineers whose skills will lift it even higher in terms of ship business’ people respect.